Thursday, April 16, 2009

Loveday Grave Markers

Last fall I took my cousin George Brooks and his wife Gail on a trip to visit Sevier County cemeteries where generations of Lovedays are buried. We spent the day taking photos of the markers, and with George and Gail's deeply appreciated contributions, I'm sharing them here. Perhaps someone who lives out of the area might like a look at some of them.

These grave stones are from the Fair Garden, Kear-Loveday, Stafford, and Walnut Grove cemeteries, and they include some of the oldest Loveday markers in the county. Click here to view the markers.

(When my father would drive us down Jones Cove Road, he would chuckle and ask whether we remembered the name of the hilltop shown in the background of this view of the Kear-Loveday Cemetery. It was known to him as "Granny's Butt.")